Bytuene Mersh and Aueril,
     When spray biginnež to springe,
že lutel foul haž hire wyl
     On hyre lud to synge.
     Ich libbe in loue-longinge
     For semlokest of alle žynge--
     He may me blisse bringe--
     Icham in hire baundoun.
          An hendy hap ichabbe yhent;
          Ichot from heuene it is me sent;
          From alle wymmen mi loue is lent
               And lyht on Alysoun.

On heu hire her is fayr ynoh,
     Hire browe broune, hire e³e blake;
Wiž lossum chere he on me loh,
     Wiž middel small and wel ymake.
     Bote he me wolle to hire take,
     For te buen hire owen make,
     Longe to lyuen ichulle forsake,
     And feye fallen adoun.
          An hendy hep, &c.

 Source: Sisam, Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose

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