Andy's Poem

Do you remember the tavern we walked to
late at night?
Hoping, though knowing better,
that perhaps the heat of these July and August days
might have died away,
at least a little,
or enough for us to notice.
Do you remember laughing on Emancipation Day?
Laughing at the college boys from Highland Park,
and laughing at ourselves...
laughing at the future

How I loved you, then
all through the days of summer
long ago,
when we met, and you chased me
with such single-minded determination...
until I loved you.

We passed the time
waiting for the fall, not caring
or thinking of September-
every day together.
In the evenings over a cold supper
sharing our thoughts and ourselves.
I find such complete joy still,
and think back
learning your face,
the gestures of your hand,
wondering about the ways of your secret heart.

James DeFord

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