Oh, Lord, it seems like I've
been waiting since the day I was born
for my life to begin.
Not that I've got anything to complain about.
My husband's a good man and
a good provider for
me and the kids
what with the pig farm and the ranch.
He must be just about the richest man
in the county.
There's nothing I'm wanting for.
But, God, oh, God! I
can't stand it here on the pig farm

Every night
when my husband comes home
he's just so damn tired out from
those pigs...
All day, every day,
Every day of the week
and weeks on end.
He comes home at night and he
"Sure, honey...
Sure, Norma..."
just like that.
He's so worn out that if he touches me
at all,
it's just something to relax,
before he rolls over sound asleep.
Me, I lay there in the dark
looking through those big
bedroom windows at the
black night sky,
knowing there's miles and miles of prairie
going on, between
me and whatever there is
of the world
out there.

James DeFord

the house, the prairie

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