One time I saw a virgin priestess
    get killed
and I was really unhappy about
I wanted her to escape with the
because he was really so cute
and he had such
    blue eyes
especially after the first scene
when some guy in the town
called him a barbarian dog
and told him he couldn't even see the
    virgin priestess
if he had a beard on
and of course the only reason he went to
town at all was to see the
    virgin priestess
and even I knew that, and
I would of known it
even if I hadn't read the name of the movie
in the TV guide,
so then I remember how the
    virgin priestess
was standing
on the top of her sacred pedestal
which was on top some water
which really reflected her
and she was wearing a shiny gold outfit
which really clung to her body which
was pretty good for back then,
when the mob came in and she
    just stood there
staring at them all with her hands over her head
in the sacred pose, I guess,
maybe she thought
the mob wouldn't really throw stones
at her with her blonde hair and all,
but I really wished you would have left
the temple with George Sanders,
back then
when he was married to Eva Gabor,
who was someone and I never could
figure out why she was so famous
but I was watching it all on TV
and hadn't even been born
when the hero took George
Sanders and the little
    virgin priestess
girl, who was being trained to be a big
    virgin priestess, some day
except for the revolution
which seemed funny
watching Technicolor
on a black and white TV when
the hero helped them to escape from
the temple
and they left in a really neat
underground tunnel
which was like a creek
when all the pecan trees are overhead
    in a canoe
but the
    virgin priestess,
and I really liked her by now,
was facing off the mob
who looked like our neighbors the
next door (who were white trash from Boston)
and she had her hands over her head
over the pond that was reflecting her and
she looked so pretty
you know, she wasn't a really a mean
    virgin priestess,
after all
because the only reason she had been mean to the
was because she knew if he loved her,
after all,
it would only ruin him
but that was at the first of the movie
before it got to the end
and I found out that all he had to go
back to
was a flock of goats out on a
that was even flatter than the one where
    I lived
and, of course, by that time the
    virgin priestess
was dead
and looking even better

James DeFord

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