Saint Jo Population- 1,134  Altitude 1,146


Originally known as Head of Elm when established in 1856 near springs which were the headwaters of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.  Renamed for Joe Howell who laid out the townsite.  Howell allegedly opposed the sale of liquor in town, thus giving both himself and his town the nickname of "Saint Jo".  The community, on U.S. 82 between Wichita Falls and Sherman, was an important watering stop where the Chisholm Trail and the California Road crossed.  Indian raids on Saint Jo continued as late as 1874.

Stonewall Saloon Museum -

Authentically restored saloon displays historic items related to the era of cattle drives early settlement. 

Open daily 10 a.m. - 4p.m.; (closed January and February).  North corner of town square.



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