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The Days of the Moon

God made Adam the first day of the moon,
And the second day Eve, good deeds to do.
The third day then was Cain born--
Begin nothing that day till morn.
The fourth day, I tell you, is good for man,
For Abel certainly was born then.
The fifth day is very good and well;
On the sixth day was born Daniel.
The seventh day Cain Abel killed; that day is good enough.
The eighth day and the ninth any deeds may be done.
The 10th day, go on no pilgrimage,
But the 11th day do your voyage.
The 12th day go on no flood,
And the 13th is still not so good.
The 14th it is good to tarry,
And the 15th is very contrary.
The 16th day's without strife;
And the 17th assemble the citizens five.
The 18th is good anything to do,
But the 19th is not so.
The 20th day, as I you say,
And the 21st good deeds you may.
The 22nd and 23rd, as I advise, without dread,
In all good work is all men sped.
The 24th and 25th day
You may make your journey.
The 26th day of the moon
Good deeds may be done.
But on the 27th and 28th begin no thing,
But be sure to wait for better timing.
The 29th, true it is,
That your work will turn to bliss;
And the 30th day, if you want speed,
Begin no work, as I tell thee.


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