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Don Quixote
Culture Cafe


- New Testament Greek/Latin Audio
- Paramount Theatre

Fiction and Anecdotes

- Three Sisters
(by Jane Austen (Juvenilia)
- Don Quixote
- The Miller's Tale
(Middle English Translation)
-The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell
- The Adventures of Beowulf (the new version)
- The Women Defending the Wagon
- "Greyhound Daydream"
- "The Rustication of Racoons"
- "Kick-Starting the Sun"
- Grits, Silks, and Irons
- A Goots Story
- Stories from Purple Sage Elementary School
- "Four in a Row"
- "Il Postino" Synopsis


- A Child's Garden of Verses
by Robert Louis Stevenson
- Days of the Moon
(Middle English Poetry Translations)
- James' Poetry Corner
- Sympathy for the Crocodile's Anguish
- Luckenbach--and a Lovely Place
- Broken Bond"
- Poetry of Pablo Neruda
- Poems by Joy Morgan Davis



- Famous Texans
- Hondo Crouch
- Billy the Barber
- Quanah Parker

Editorial Pages

- When Patriotism Wasn't Religious
- Are Democrats and Republicans in Ascendancy, or Decline?
- How Windy Is It?
- Making the World Safe for Heterosexuality
- Difficult Choice
- Overkill
- Revenge of the Rogaine Rejects
- Nascar Perspectives

Tastebud Temptations

- Origin of Chili Con Carne
- From the Menu of Green Pastures Restaurant
- Thelma's Secrets

Book Reviews


- The Return of Elegance
- How to Tie a Bow Tie
- Fabrics Offer Comfort, Elegant Fit for New Fashions
- The History of Tailoring: An Overview

Other interesting bits

- Some Real Answers to the JFK Assassination
- Texas Senate
- Texas House of Representatives
Find Your US Representative
- House of Representatives

- Senate
- The Texas State Library
- "The War Prayer"
- The Consititution of the United States
- The Declaration of Independence
- The Bill of Rights

Art and Photography

- Jason Gray

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