Paducah Population- 1,773  Altitude. 1,886 


Established in 1892 as county seat of newly created Cottle County, it was named for Paducah, KY, home town of the county surveyor and county attorney.   In 1893 the town consisted of two stores, a schoolhouse, and a saloon that doubled as a church on Sundays.  On Christmas Day, 1909, Quanah, Acme and Pacific RR reached the site and town was incorporated the next year.  Today it serves as a supply and distribution point for the region's petroleum and agribusiness interests.

Heritage Museum-

Housed in restored QA&P Railroad depot, it features farming and ranching artifacts dating to previous century; a large collection of actual photographs from the county's earliest days.  Open Mon. - Fr, 1 - 5pm.  On U.S.  83 north.

Matador Wildlife Management Area-

28,00 acre area on Middle Pease and South Pease Rivers.   Hunting, by permit only, includes special archery season.  Northwest of city on F.M. 3256 off U.S 83.



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