Sierra Blanca Population- 701 Altitude- 4,512


Now located on the modern 1-10 Hwy. in far West Texas. Sierra Blanca grew at the pivitol juncture of the nation's second transcontinental rail route in 1881 (the Southern Pacific and Texas & Pacific).

A popular Historical marker commemorates this landmark event downtown at the corner of Sierra Blanca Ave. and U.S. 80. The town's named for the Sierra Blanca Mountain Range (6,950 ft.) just northwest.

The one of a kind Hudspeth County Courthouse.Adobe Courthouse-

Under a neat white stucco sheath, the Hudspeth County Courthouse is the Southwest's only in-use governmental structure of adobe. It's a popular snapshot subject.

Scenic Drive-

F.M. 1111 north 43 miles to intersection with primary east-west route of U.S. 62/180. Generally flat ranching areas edged by mountains on the horizon. Profuse stands of giant yuccas growing 15 to 20 feet high. These desert "forests" are most spectacular in March and April when each stalk is topped by huge picturesque clusters of white Texas blossoms.



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